Chefs soup of the day £3.95

Served with toasted bread

Chicken liver pate £3.95

Served on a bed of crispy lettice with onion marmalade & toasted bread

Slices of garlic bread served with salad garnish

Creamy garlic mushrooms £3.95

Button mushrooms cooked in white wine, cream & garlic served with toasted ciabatta

Battered tiger prawns £5.95

Served with salad and a sweet chilli dip or garlic dip

Black pudding £4.95

Served with apple & beetroot relish &salad garnish

Garlic bread £3.3.45

Served with a salad garnish

Prawn cocktail

served with salad and home made dressing




Main course

Freshly cooked chicken breast £10.95

Served with a

 Creamy black pepper & white wine sauce


Creamy tarragon &white wine sauce

Hunters chicken £11.25

Chicken breast topped with bacon bbq sauce and melted cheese

Pork medallions £14.95

Pork fillet cooked with apples in creamy wholegrain mustard& white wine sauce

Chicken parmesan Full £10.25

Chicken fillet deep fried and topped with béchamel sauce and cheddar cheese

Surf & turf £16.95

10˚z Sirloin steak cooked to your liking & topped with tiger prawns in garlic butter

Lasagne £8.95

Homemade lasagne served with garlic bread & salad

Cod and chips £9.50 (when available)

Fresh cod served with homemade chips salad and mushy peas

Stainton chicken £15.95

Chicken breast cooked in creamy garlic & tomato sauce and spices, topped with succulent tiger prawns

Pan-fried sea Bass £13.95

Served with house pine nut salad with our own home made dressing



Choose one from the list below


King prawns £1.25 extra

Now choose a sauce

Sizzler sauces

Sweet & sour

Spicy Szechuan

Black bean



Thai green


All above sizzlers served with rice or chips £10.95

All curry dishes served with Nan bread rice or chips £9.95

Steaks uncooked weight

10˚z Rump £11.95

10˚z Sirloin £14.95

16˚z T Bone £17.95(order day before)

Stainton mixed grill £16.95

10˚z Gammon& pineapple £10.95

All Served with onion rings and mushrooms salad and chips

Sauces for your steak £2.75

Pepper: Mushroom: Stilton: Diane


Nut loaf £9.25

Served with homemade cranberry & apple relish

Mushroom stroganoff £7.95

Served with rice or chips

Vegetable sizzlers with a choice of sauces £8.95

Sweet & sour

Black bean


All meals served with rice or chips

Vegetable curry £8.95

Thi green



Served with rice & Nan bread

Side orders

Side salad £1.95

Onion rings£1.95

Garlic bread £1.95

Pan fried mushrooms £2.25

Homemade chips £2.25