Month: May 2018

Excellent Customer Service Can Give your Restaurant Business a Competitive Edge

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For entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry, giving your customers an excellent service is integral to your success. That is why you are doing hard to give your customers the best service they deserve. You really want to feel very welcome as soon as they step on your premises. You treat them with utmost respect and hospitality together with a very hearty and sumptuous meal. All of your restaurant’s excellent qualities will make your customers coming back for more.

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And what can you get from being polite and hospitable to your customers? More revenues and stronger customer loyalty.

And what repercussions can you face if you have unsatisfied customers? Customers don’t patronize a business that has a very poor quality and disrespectful customer service.

That is why you really need to do all the best you can to give your customers a quality service they deserve. And how can you do it? Consider the following tips.

  1. First Impression Lasts

The overall quality of your restaurant doesn’t only depend on the quality of your food, but rather the experience they get from their first steps on your door until they exit your restaurant. A good dining experience should include all the needs of your customers.

  1. Be Quick, Don’t Let Them Wait for Too Long

Even if you have the most delicious food all over town, but serves it too long, then all of your efforts become useless as your customers got pissed off with the long waiting time, especially that they are hungry.

Don’t forget that it is very important to win back a customer that is already unsatisfied. Don’t disappoint them as much as possible. If it takes too long to cook food, then add chefs or cooking equipment. However, if inevitable times happen, try to let them know in advance that it would take a while for their meal to arrive in the politest way as possible.

  1. Handle Problems With Ease and Cconfidence

You can’t satisfy everyone, admit that. Even if you have already invested all the time and effort to improve your service, there will be someone that will complain about something. However, remember that customers are always right. So, what you can do is to address their complaints politely and confidently. If its your fault, apologize. If they are wrong, still apologize but prove them wrong again in a polite way.

  1. Include Technology on Your Services

Including technology can greatly improve your customer satisfaction. Here are some technologies which you can integrate on your restaurant.customer relations

  • Ordering Online

Give your customers an ability to order from their website in advance. This way, they can already reserve what they want so they only have to wait a few minutes or even have their food served as soon as they are seated.

  • Provide a Touch Screen Device on the Table

A touch screen device such as a phone or a tablet can be very helpful. It can be a great tool in getting their orders, at the same time provide entertainment while they are waiting for their orders.


  • Give Free Wi-Fi Access

Almost all restaurants offer Wi-Fi access now. Giving your customers a free wi-fi connection will keep them entertained while waiting for their orders to arrive. A good customer service also means increased revenues. That is why it is very important to capitalize into a good service your customer deserves.…