To Establish Objectives

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Can we predict the changes? We may not be able to do so, but we will need to carefully monitor and take the necessary actions to protect, maintain and improve the business results. To improve the outcomes, it is required to establish the objectives and specify what goals we seek to calculate the progress of the company. You can set targets with the focus system in 3 circles, which you publish in the previous post. There is another tool available to work with the monitoring of the goals that is the balanced scorecard. However to follow the goals we will need the collaboration of all departmental heads. Many of the goals can be broken down into sub goals or corporate objectives for department heads. The objectives should have characteristics such as flexibility, measurable, understandable.

It can be useful to work between six and ten objectives; they do not have to start or end at the same time. Maybe some can be achieved in a few months, and others take years. We will need to update them continuously, add, discard, or replace variables will be the continuous work in the monitoring that spoke at the beginning.

Wherever possible and when times are appropriate, they can be extended using the focus in the three circles. Knowing the reality of the hotel and after having discussed with the heads of department or staff, if we take 3 or 4 improvement opportunities from each of the three circles: clients, staff, and results, and we set out the action plan in each case.

Three Critical Points That Make The Guest Do Not Miss His Home:

Hotels with wireless internet. From now on, guests will not suffer from an intermittent internet connection and will experience high speed in their room.

The solution presents a new connectivity model through the implementation of support infrastructure in each room. This makes total coverage possible, as well as having reliable and secure access to the network in all the general areas of the hotel. A significant added value is that you can access your Netflix account and watch your movies or series in high definition due to the high speed and efficiency of Wi-Fi. Advances in telephony, customer service, and security.

how to establish an hotel

Advances In Telephony, Customer Service, And Security.

In telephony, this solution allows hotels to migrate from their traditional PBX to IP telephony; in customer service, it will unify the services in contact centers, making it possible to serve a new generation of guests that demand efficiency and self-service; and insecurity it allows to implement more robust and efficient IP video surveillance systems for the common areas making use of the infrastructure already installed, which avoids substantial and significant investments.

It makes it possible for hotels in Mexico to start offering specialized services through applications.

Guests can check in and check out directly from their cell phone, ask for room service, order something to eat or book the time in the spa through the hotel application.

To Establish Objectives

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