What Are The Indicators For?

performance indicatorAll hotel indicators are nothing more or nothing less than hotel statistics. They differ in that they deal with different areas: occupation, economic results, quality of service and customer information. At the same time, all the indicators of the same group or scope are different in turn in that they measure different things, but they always have something in common, they are statistical values. And from this, five general functions are derived, which must then be viewed in detail for each indicator.

Measure And Objectively Evaluate The Reality Of The Hotel

restaurant key performance indicators Most hotel managers have their perception of the operation of the hotel, but these types of impressions are usually general and may be conditioned by the mood of the person. Therefore, the first function is to quantify those impressions with numbers.

These numerical values are vital for:

  • Evaluate the hotel and detect problems
  • See new business opportunities
  • Respond in a concrete way to all types of questions: Is the level of occupation of our apart hotel low? Do we earn a lot of money with the hotel? Are my clients satisfied? Do the OTAs obtain more benefits than the hotel itself? Reservations?

What Are The Indicators For?

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